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Welcome to the Dementia Prevention Library. This site includes commonly asked questions about the prevention of dementia and ways to reduce your risk from these health problems. This library contains fact sheets and brief discussions about common prevention issues.

Consumer Library
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Consumer Library

Keep a Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind

A Patents guide to Protecting Memory
Consumer's guide to understanding untreated depression
Consumer's guide to the role of hormone therapy
Consumer Guide to the role of anti-inflammatory medications in the prevention of Dementia
Consumers Guide to the metabolic syndrome
Consumer guide - What is metabolic Syndrome?
Consumer Guide to understanding the role of Diabetes in Dementia
A Consumer's guide to understanding Medications that control cholesterol and Triglycerides
Consumer's guide to understanding genetics in dementia
Do my genes determine my fate as I grow older?

Life Choices for Good Brain Health

A Consumer guide to understanding the role of middle life obesity on Intellectual function in later life
Consumer's Guide to Dietary Issues for the prevention of Dementia
Consumers guide to understanding the role of physical and mental exercise in preventing Dementia
Consumer's guide to spirituality

Drinking and Thinking

Consumers guide to safe drinking

Minding your Doctor

Consumer's Guide to understanding the role of elevated cholesterol or Triglycerides in Dementia

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Physician Library

Summary Fact Sheets for Physicians

The potential role of Cardiovascular Disease
Responsible Drinking
Depression as a risk factor for Dementia
Nutritional Inventions for cognitive health
The impact of Lifetime education
Primary care guide to addressing spirituality in midlife
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Prescription of anti-inflamatories in prevention of Dementia
Metabolic Syndrome in older persons
Use of Statins
Statins and Dementia
Fact Sheet on the use of Statins
The Relationship between Diabetes and Dementia
The role of genetics in Dementia

Doctor's Texts with References

Physician's Guide to talking with older persons about drinking
Physicians guide to the role of nutrition and successful cognitive aging
Primary Care Guide - Vascular
Physician Guide - Depression
Physician Guide - Exercise
Physician Guide- Metabolic Syndrome
Physician Guide - Medication Management
Physician Guide - Diabetes
Physician Guide - Genetics
Primary Care guide to addressing spirituality in midlife or older persons
Hormone replacement therapy
The role of inflammatory medications in loss of cognitive loss
Explaining the role of genetics and risk factors for Dementia
The Primary care guide of cerebrovascular prevention strategies for Dementia
Primary care guide to understanding the interaction between depression and Dementia
A Clinician's guide to the impact of lifetime education, physical exercise and psychosocial stimulation on intellectual function
Primary care guide to understanding the role of the metabolic syndrome in cognitive decline of older persons
Primary care guide to the role of patient compliance and prescriptive safety in maintaining cognitive function
Primary care guide to the use of Statins as a preventive intervention for Dementia
Primary care guide to understanding the role of Diabetes as a risk factor for cognitive loss or Dementia in adults

Executive Summary

Nutritional Supplementation
Spirituality and Dementia
Hormone Replacement
Metabolic Syndrome
Medication Management

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Primary Care Manual

Complete Primary Care Manual

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