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Welcome to the Dementia Prevention Website for persons of African-American heritage. This site contains information that applies to all older African-Americans.

Healthy Memory for Older Persons of African-American Heritage

Memory loss is a common health problem in all older individuals but persons of African-American descent may have a higher risk for developing memory troubles over age 65. Many older persons from all ethnic groups are worried by memory troubles. Some people may view memory troubles as a sign of “losing their mind” or “going crazy”. This misunderstanding causes people to delay treatments that may help save memory function. Persons of African-American descent are at greater risks for certain health problems that seem to increase the risk of memory troubles. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and poor diet or exercise habits are health challenges that confront the African-American senior community. Persons of African-American descent may have the same risk for developing Alzheimer disease as other individuals but the excess risk for blood vessel or heart disease may increase the risk for memory loss.

African-American families are often proud of their devotion to caring for older family members. This devotion can sometimes cause families to delay seeking help out of loyalty and devotion to the person with memory troubles. Family members who love their parents or grandparents will be sure that they receive proper care for memory difficulties.

Older individuals who are experiencing memory troubles should seek medical care. Many health problems can cause difficulty with remembering facts and correction of these health problems will improve the memory troubles.

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