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A family trusts you to care for their loved one with dementia at home. You are responsible for the safety and comfort of that person during the hours when you sit for the family. This site contains basic information about dementia and important facts that caregivers should know about the person. You should know that we recommend that all family caregivers complete background checks on sitters who come into the home. We encourage the family to work with the sitter as a team. Thank you for the good care that you will provide to these valuable citizens.

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Just the Facts for Sitters

1.Dementia is common (10%) in people over age 65.
2.Most dementia is caused by Alzheimer’s disease.
3.Most dementia care is provided at home by families.
4.Many older people live by themselves (one-third).
5.Alzheimer patients need 24-hour-a-day supervision – just like a small child.
6.Families need sitters so they can do family business or work outside the home.
7.Sitters must know patients well enough to meet the elder’s needs.
8.Sitters must respect the rights of the patient and the family.
9.Families must communicate with sitters and treat them like professionals.
10.The DETA program recommends that all families perform background checks on sitters before they allow the person into the home.

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